Best long-distance trails & treks around the world

Bhutan Snowman Trek | Soren Kruse Ledet
Bhutan Snowman Trek | Soren Kruse Ledet

Plan for a longer holiday, put your mind onto 'airplane mode' and seek out these remote places only accessible by foot at a more relaxed pace to truly connect with the wilderness.

It's all about travelling less and seeing more. Seeing more of the beautiful wildlife, admiring natural landscapes few others ever will, interacting with local communities who rarely see westerners and setting yourself on a path of self discovery and personal achievement, all while leaving a small environmental footprint on your BIG trekking adventure.

Experience more of the destination within a destination on these world-class long-distance walking holidays which will see you switching off and reinvigorating yourself in some of the world's most remote and sublime wilderness locations.

Bhutan Snowman Trek

Undertaken by only a handful of trekkers each season, it’s our most challenging Bhutan trek.

How long is it? Around 250km
Duration of trek: 27 days
Difficulty: Graded 8 – Exploratory trekking. Designed for experienced adventurers seeking a challenge.
Start and end point: Paro

IMG_9115 |  <i>Soren Kruse Ledet</i> IMG_9169 |  <i>Soren Kruse Ledet</i> IMG_8531 |  <i>Soren Kruse Ledet</i>

What makes it special? Crossing 11 passes over 4500 metres in some of the most isolated regions of Bhutan. You’ll absorb magnificent mountain views, explore hidden valleys and bask in the serenity of high-altitude lakes. You may even encounter fresh tracks from the elusive snow leopard like our 2019 trekkers!

When to go:
October. This is an ideal time to appreciate Bhutan’s autumnal colours and experience sublime mountain views. A number of cultural and religious events occur during October, including the special Jomolhari festival.

Transcaucasian Trail

Be one of the first to experience the recently opened Transcaucasian trail brimming with history and scenic brilliance.

How long is it? Once completed, it will extend more than 3,000km in length through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, connecting more than 20 national parks and protected areas.
Duration of trek: While the full route is still being developed, you can trek sections of the trail in Armenia and Georgia over 18 days, the only two countries adequately mapped so far.
Difficulty: Graded 5 – Moderate. Designed for those with reasonable fitness and health and who have a relatively active lifestyle.

Hikers enjoying the lower Caucasus. Enjoy fantastic, fresh meals during along the Transcaucasian Trail |  <i>Breanna Wilson</i> Traces of medieval architecture remain throughout the country |  <i>Julie Haber</i> Wilderness hiking along paths less trodden, Transcaucasian Trail, Armenia |  <i>Breanna Wilson</i> A local lady makes lavash, a flatbread eaten throughout the South Caucasus |  <i>Breanna Wilson</i> Views over the Georgian town of Kazbegi to Mt Kazbek in Caucasus region Hiking to Ushguli in the Svaneti Valley |  <i>Julie Haber</i> The beautiful architecture of Old Tbilisi

What makes it special? The Caucasus is among the most inaccessible mountains in the world and the newly opened trail is anticipated by hiking enthusiasts as the next big thing in trekking. Delight in the scenic panoramas of mountains, rivers and glaciers that await you in Georgia, or head to historic Armenia along the Caucasian Silk route exploring ancient monasteries and stunning mountain landscapes.

When to go: May to September

Ultimate K2 Trek

The Karakoram range of Pakistan offers celestial isolation amid a constant backdrop of towering peaks and breathtaking glacial landscapes.

Duration of trek: 25 days
Start and end point: Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan region
Difficulty: Graded 8 – Exploratory trekking & entry level mountaineering. Designed for experienced trekkers comfortable travelling in adverse weather conditions, preferably at altitude. Expect remote and poorly defined trails and challenging moraine walking.


What makes it special? Find yourself surrounded by the highest concentration of 8,000-metre peaks on the planet. From the "Throne Room of the Mountain Gods" to the Baltoro glacier (one of the longest glaciers in the world outside the polar regions), it's not hard to see why Pakistan's Karakoram ranges have captured the imagination of trekkers and mountaineers for decades.

Glacial stream on Concordia |  <i>Soren Kruse Ledet</i> Excited to be on the Vigne Glacier |  <i>Soren Kruse Ledet</i> Enjoying the well earned views in Pakistan's Karakoram mountains |  <i>Michael Grimwade</i> Cloudy sunrise over Pakistan's Karakoram |  <i>Michael Grimwade</i> Early morning colours high up near K2 Base Camp |  <i>Michael Grimwade</i> Taking time out to enjoy the magical Karakoram views |  <i>Soren Kruse Ledet</i>

In addition to trekking to the base of the world’s second highest peak (8611m), the legendary Gondogoro Pass promises one of the most dramatic mountain vistas anywhere on Earth. Our K2 trekking expedition is one of the finest high altitude scenic treks on offer with few travellers in sight.

When to go: June

Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail

From east to west, encounter some of the wildest and most remote mountain environments imaginable.

How long is it? Winding between the largest mountains and remotest communities on the planet, the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) will ultimately connect five Asian countries (Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Pakistan) spanning 4500km.

Duration of trek: 5 months to complete the full Nepal traverse, or trek sections ranging from 18 to 34 days.
Start point: Kanchengjunga, Nepal's far east | End point: Yari Valley, Nepal's far west
Difficulty: Graded 9 – Intermediate Mountaineering Expedition. Designed for experienced multi-day trekkers who have hiked at altitude. Basic mountaineering skills are recommended as is a love for the outdoors and perhaps most importantly, a positive attitude.

Trekking the early stages of Nepal's Great Himalaya Trail |  <i>Ken Harris</i>

What makes it special? A true exploratory experience, it takes in spectacular vistas of all of Nepal’s 8,000-metre peaks, whilst giving trekkers the opportunity to experience remote cultures in hidden corners of the country and spreading the benefits of tourism in isolated communities.


When to go: The full GHT departs in February and concludes in July.

Larapinta Trail

One of Australia’s ‘Great Walks’, the Larapinta Trail is one of the world's most remarkable desert walks.

How long is it? 223km
Duration of trek: 14 days from end to end. Broken up into 12 sections, you can also choose to trek certain sections ranging from 3 days to 12 days.
Start point: Old Telegraph Station, Alice Springs | End point: Mt Sonder
Graded 6 – Moderate to Challenging. Designed for seasoned walkers who can manage to walk around 6 to 12 hours a day. On some days, you’ll be walking up to 30kms.

What makes it special? Follow the spine of the West MacDonnel Ranges to trek over remote ridges and canyons, cool off in beautiful waterholes, walk through beautiful river red gums and marvel at vividly-coloured mineral ochre pits.


One of the biggest surprises about trekking across Australia’s Red Centre is the diversity of its terrain and the wildlife you’ll encounter. From endless desert plains to colourful palettes of yellow, purple, red and blue wildflowers, the area is home to more than 767 species of flora and over 180 unique species of birds.

Considered a highlight is the exhilarating trek up Mt Sonder (1380m) – one of the highest peaks west of the Great Dividing Range – where you are greeted with an unforgettable sunrise.

When to go: The trekking season runs between April and September when walking conditions are most favourable with clearer skies and splendid stargazing opportunities. Hit the trail in April, May or September to witness wildflowers in full bloom, or enjoy cooler and more favourable temperatures between June to August.

John Muir Trail

Considered one of the finest hikes in North America, this iconic US trail traverses the stunning Sierra mountain range from Mt Whitney to Yosemite.

How long is it? Around 340km
Duration of trek: 23 days
Difficulty: Graded 7 – Challenging. Designed for experienced adventurers who have completed multi-day hikes with a full pack (up to 20kgs). Days can involve up to 10 hours of exercise (hiking around 10-24 km per day) in very remote and rugged terrain.
Start point: Cottonwood Lakes, California | End point: Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park, California

Ultimate camp scenery, just over Donohue Pass, California |  <i>Ken Harris</i> John Muir Trail, California |  <i>Ken Harris</i> Striking, high altitude scenery of the John Muir Trail |  <i>Ken Harris</i> Native flora on the John Muir Trail, California |  <i>Ken Harris</i> The Sierra Nevada's's densely-forest valleys |  <i>Ken Harris</i> Pristine landscapes of the high Sierra, USA |  <i>Ken Harris</i> Picturesque rest stop along the JMT |  <i>Ken Harris</i>

What makes it special? Cross 3000 and 4000-metre mountain passes, walking among alpine peaks, glacier-gouged canyons, forested valleys and crystal-clear lakes. Sections of the trail will see you venturing far off the beaten track and over the course of the trip, you will have gained over 12000 metres in ascents (averaging about 600m per day) – an epic yet rewarding challenge to add to your trekking wishlist.

When to go: July to September

Jordan Trail

Cross Jordan on foot along this recently established trail dubbed the ‘Inca Trail of the Middle East’.

How long is it? 650km and a 40-day trekking route crossing the entire country. You can experience a taster of some of the best parts of the Jordan Trail on our highlights trek.
Duration of highlights trek: 10 days
Difficulty: Graded 5 – Moderate. Designed for walkers who are comfortable trekking in warm conditions and up and down hills. Expect up to 6-9 hours of walking a day at a steady pace, often on unmarked trails.
Start point and end point: Amman

What makes it special? Let dramatic desert landscapes, striking cliffs and rugged ‘wadis’ unfold on this cross-country trek. The full trail stretches from Egypt to Aqaba and on to Damascus, incorporating ancient paths to archaeological monuments, including the Red Rose City of Petra and historical ruins of Jerash and Ajlun, which showcase the Kingdom’s illustrious past.

Wadi Rum's desert landscape at sunrise |  <i>Richard I'Anson</i>

Those short on time can experience some of the best and lesser known parts of the Jordan Trail on the highlights tour – from the forested Ajlun Reserve in the north to the crystal waters of the Red Sea in the south. The hike up Jabal Um Ad Dami, Jordan’s highest peak, is a climatic way to end the trek with majestic summit views of Wadi Rum’s Mars-like landscapes across to Saudi Arabia.

When to go: March to June, September to November

Canada's East Coast Trail

Explore the outermost reaches of North America on one of the world's top coastal hikes.

How long is it? Around 336km
Duration of highlights trek: 10 days hiking almost 89km
Difficulty: Graded 5 – Moderate. Designed for walkers who have a good level of fitness. A bonus if you enjoy exploring rugged coastlines.
Start and end point of highlights self-guided trek: St. John's, Newfoundland


What makes it special? Enjoy ocean splendours from the shore while traversing towering cliffs and headlands, sea stacks, coves, and deep fjords. Canada's East Coast Trail is a series of 25 wilderness paths along Newfoundland's dramatic and rugged Avalon Peninsula; ranked the world's top coastal destination in 2016 by National Geographic.

Along the way, enjoy picturesque bay-side communities, abandoned settlements, ecological reserves, and a special lighthouse picnic. There is also a real possibility of spotting whales, puffins, moose, or even icebergs. Discover this exciting part of Canada on foot on one of our many walks that take in sections of the East Coast Trail.

When to go: June to October

Australia's Great Tasmanian Traverse

An epic adventure walking, rafting, flying and sailing across Tasmania from north to south – this is the ultimate bucket list adventure Down Under.

How long is it? Approximately 300km
Duration of adventure: 39 days
Difficulty: Graded 7 – Challenging. Designed for healthy and fit adventurers. All adrenaline-seekers apply! Treks may involve carrying a full pack between 18 and 22kg. Be prepared for potential variable weather conditions.
Start point: Launceston | End point: Hobart

What makes it special?
Okay, it's not purely a walk but it is definitely worthy of this list. The traverse combines four of Tasmania's greatest multi-day treks (which reach the summit of its highest and most iconic peaks) and a thrilling rafting experience on the iconic Franklin River, rated by many as the world's greatest wilderness rafting trip. Explore Australia's island state from the quiet rural communities of the north to the wild and isolated reaches of the south, completing the Coast to Cradle Trail, Overland Track, Frenchman's Cap Trek, Franklin River Rafting and South Coast Track.

Encapsulating the pristine scenery that Tassie is so well known for, the five-week expedition takes in Australia's wilderness frontiers which cross remote parts that have remained untouched for centuries.

When to go:
Departs February

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I would like to present a Transmantiqueira Trail (TMTQ) which is the main long-distance trail in Brazil. It is a system of interconnected trails that together sum up to approximately 1.200 km (745 miles) in the Serra da Mantiqueira. It crosses 43 municipalities of the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, 36 protected areas privileging the passage through tracks already consolidated and visiting the greatest number of attractions along its course. It comes with the intention of integrating the ICMBio´s Brazilian Long Course System, adding like national and international experiences of systems like this one. The TMTQ will contribute to the environment conservation, the integration of man and nature in a living relationship with the ecosystem, with the customs and local history through the communities´s socioeconomic development and their surroundings, as well as the orderly and sustainable turism in Mantiqueira. TMTQ is located in Serra da Mantiqueira, one of the most important mountain ranges in Brazil, considered the largest producer of regional biodiversity and of great ecological relevance. Studies carried out by IUCN and published in the journal Science, classify it as the 8th most irreplaceable area on the planet.

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