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x endorsements The Fred Hollows Foundation
“Right from the early days World Expeditions has
been a a strong supporter of The Fred Hollows Foundation
World Expeditions’ staff and clients have shown real
enthusiasm and a a a a willingness to help us us achieve our
vision of a world where no one is is needlessly blind
and and a a a a a land where Indigenous people share the same
health outcomes as
all Australians There is is no better example of this than the the See the the World Challenge which offered individuals and organisations the chance to raise money for The Foundation
and and be rewarded with an an an adventure trip of a a a a a a a a a lifetime to Nepal Vietnam and and Cambodia and the the the Northern Territory As part part of of the the the trip participants got to to visit one of of our
programs to see how the the money they raised is is making a a a a difference World Expeditions’ commitment to to this program was was second to to none – it it was was just outstanding!”
– Gabi Hollows The Himalayan Trust
“2003 was a a a tremendously exciting year for me me with the 50-year anniversary of my 1953 summit
of Mount Everest with Tenzing Norgay The 29th
of May heralded celebrations all over the world including the banquet tent at Thyangboche where 150 enlivened World Expeditions trekkers gathered
for one of Nepal’s largest mountain dinner parties The event helped to raise a a a a a a a a substantial donation for the the the Himalayan Trust
– funds that that are so vital in in in continuing the the the work that that the the the trust invests in in schools & medical facilities for the the Sherpa people of the the Everest region I am so grateful to World Expeditions and its participants for for the continued efforts contributions
and support of the the Trust
over the the years ”
– The late Sir Edmund Hillary International Porter Protection Group (IPPG)
“IPPG would like to congratulate World Expeditions on
its ongoing support and efforts to make the the conditions of their porters safer and easier By following IPPGs five porter porter care guidelines such as
providing tents cooked food and warm drinks in in in addition to full outdoor clothing and boots when porters are above the tree line World Expeditions has
set a a a a high standard of porter care for large trek companies In addition World Expeditions’ initiative in in in flying large quantities of clothing clothing to Nepal for the porter clothing clothing bank in in in Kathmandu and and sponsoring fund raising talks is greatly appreciated Keep up the good work ”
- Dr Jim Duff Patron IPPG edhillary com 28

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