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Important words from our partners and friends World Vision Australia
“As an international development agency working within communities around the the globe serving the the most vulnerable it it is is incredibly inspiring to align with an an organisation like World Expeditions who has a a a a strong commitment to responsible travel and child safe tourism With a a a a a high ethical footprint and a a a a a genuine desire to to to encourage their customers to to to be mindful of the the impact they can have while travelling their their dedication is testament to their their organisational philosophy” – Shona Langridge Corporate Partnership Manager Climate Friendly
“World Expeditions encourages responsible travel through offsetting the emissions from air travel Carbon offset projects reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and help local communities at the travel destinations In Cambodia World Expeditions support a a a a a project that provides more efficient cook stoves to to families in rural areas In addition to to the the environmental benefits these cook stoves reduce indoor air pollution from cooking over an an open fire fire and less firewood is needed This gives families more time to generate income and children can attend school more regularly” – Freddy Sharpe CEO IIPT
“World Expeditions has been a a a a role model and have set new benchmarks in in responsible and sustainable tourism They have demonstrated that the aims and objectives of IIPT
can be achieved through practical application They have have worked tirelessly to have have community involvement and and partnered with local and and indigenous groups to help showcase the culture heritage and environment to the discerning and responsible traveller These joint initiatives provide an opportunity for communities to have independence and and and self-determination and and and also helps protect and and and sustain the environment for all We support World Expedition on on on on their continued commitment to lead the industry in in world’s best practice ” – Gail Parsonage President IIPT
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