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x endorsements WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)
‘World Expeditions were the the winners of the the “Environmental Achievement Award 2001” for their outstanding publication of ‘The Responsible Travel Guidebook’ highlighting ways to minimise the impact of your travel and encouraging every participant to take only photos’ and leave only Footprints WWF decided to to be involved in in in the award to to encourage tourism strategies and practices that have a a a a a a a a a positive effect on
the environment This award to World Expeditions not only acknowledges and rewards progress towards better environmental management but also identifies the practices that can be promoted and adopted by others internationally as
well as
in in Australia Congratulations World Expeditions for helping us us to make and sustain a a a a a better environment for all of us us to enjoy!
Variety - The Children’s Charity NZ:
“Variety – The Children’s Charity has
partnered with World Expeditions since 2011 The partnership has
resulted in in four adventure trips
to Vietnam China and Cambodia engaging more than 60 travellers with a a a a a charitable spirit As a a a a a direct result of these trips
more than $50 000 has
been raised to help disadvantaged Kiwi kids World Expeditions is passionate about the cause and commit- ted to ensuring the adventure charity trips
are a a a a a success Their team is always very responsive and work closely with Variety to ensure all opportunities are are leveraged They are are professional great to work with and are a a a a a a a highly valued partner for Variety – The Children’s Charity ”
– Lorraine Taylor CEO
The Wilderness Society
‘The Wilderness Society
is dedicated to the protection promotion and preservation of wilderness areas Achieving this has
never been easy It is therefore extremely encouraging when a a a business takes
leadership in in developing respect for our
fragile environmental and cultural landscapes World Expeditions has
displayed this leadership and and committed themselves to act in a a a a a a socially and and environmentally
responsible manner They are striving to minimise the impact of their their business assist local communities in in their their efforts to care for for the the the environment and educate their travellers This ethical policy puts into
writing a a a a a a philosophy that they have been operating for many years We commend them on
their ongoing attempts to find a a a a a a true balance between the the the enjoyment and the the the preservation of our
physical and social environs ’ – Matt Brennan Business Operations Manager

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