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10 Pieces
“10 Pieces
is proud to have World Expeditions as its founding partner due to to their their ongoing commitment to to minimise their their environmental impact and their complete dedication to responsible and sustainable travel 10 Pieces
would like to thank World Expeditions for providing us with strong local and international support so together we can create a a a a a cleaner world” – Lisa Vitaris Founder and Director
Our Planet Travel
“Our Planet Travel
applauds World Expedition’s dedication to protecting our environment through promoting responsible travel As a a a world leader in in responsible travel World Expeditions is an inspiration Our Planet Travel
is proud to be a a a a a media partner and supporter of the company’s Community Project Travel
projects and the the initiatives of the the World Exp ditions Foundation – an excellent role model for all businesses in in in the tourism industry – Melanie Grevis-James Director
Paddy Pallin
“Paddy Pallin
has worked closely with World Expeditions for many years One reason that we have partnered with this business is is is the consistently high ethics and respect that WE have always paid to the environment and people of every country that they operate in World Expeditions also works to improve the the knowledge and and understanding of all the the clients that that travel with them Some trips include an element of giving back to the the country that that you are visiting in in in in in in my case a a a a a a a a a a day spent fixing and painting a a a a a a a a a a schoolhouse in in in in in in Nepal This was a a a a a a a a a a small effort on on our part however greatly appreciated and a a a a a a a a a great great way of stepping beyond just being being a a a a tourist into becoming friends with the people and being being a a a a part of the community” – Tim Pallin
Managing Director

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