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 the vulnerable
Travel exposes us to the extremes of the world; we come face-to- face with marginalised people and threatened animals, in the form of poverty, child abuse, animal cruelty and worker exploitation. By making the right choices we take a stand against these wrongs and help to protect the vulnerable.
☼ Millions of children live in orphanages across the globe, despite the fact that the vast majority of these children have parents or family. The negative impacts on children who grow up in orphanages have been well researched and the e ect can last a lifetime. The growth of orphanages in many cases directly corresponds to the increase in tourism numbers and has been found to be driven by well meaning but uninformed tourists who volunteer and donate to the orphanages. Avoid being part of this modern slavery.
☼ When it comes to animal encounters, seeing them in the wild is best! Don't hold a wild animal for a photograph, visit live animal shows or ride wild animals. Demand from travellers for these types of negative animal encounters perpetuates the suffering of animals.
☼ When selecting travel arrangements ensure that the company you choose employs local sta  and provides safe and fair working conditions.

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