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is a catalyst
 for growth
When we travel we learn; we broaden our horizons – literally and  guratively. Travel builds knowledge from direct experience and, from this tolerance, an understanding of diverse cultures grows. It is a powerful mechanism for individual growth and global unity.
☼ Travel with an open mind and consider that through your travels you have something to give, and not just receive. The exchange of a smile can foster friendship, the transference of knowledge can create opportunity for growth, the giving of time and effort can result in positive change, and the acknowledgement that we are all custodians of the one planet earth can protect our most precious asset.
☼ In choosing to visit a new country, it goes hand in hand that you should be open to new experiences and learning about different ways of living. That said, you will often realise that, although we have different climates, eat different foods and wear different clothes, our concerns and focus are the same: we all want the opportunity to live in peace and in good health and to access good education.
☼ Read and enact the Credo of the Peaceful Traveller produced by the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism found at

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