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 the local economy
Tourism is one of the world’s most powerful economic drivers. How we choose to allocate our travel spend can have far reaching rami cations well beyond our own experiences, with the potential to make an important di erence to the lives of many.
☼ Travel with companies that employ local people. Not only will you have a richer experience with someone who knows the land and the culture intimately, you will also be helping to support the prosperity of the very place you have sought out as an interesting destination.
☼ Support local economies by buying locally made handicrafts and products and pay a fair price to the vendor. Too much haggling is inappropriate.
☼ Eatlocalfood.Avoidmultinationalchains,orevennationalchains.Gotothe local cafes and experience the local restaurants, grocers and markets.
☼ Carefullyselectvolunteeringandopportunitiestoservelocalcommunities. Ensure that the process is mutually beneficial to all parties, that it is consultative, collaborative, employs local skills and empowers the local community to carry the project forward.

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