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just one planet
What inspires us to travel? It can be wildlife, pristine wilderness, and vast landscapes such as deserts, mountains, oceans and jungles. Whatever it is, it is fragile and needs protection so that we can continue to enjoy it for generations to come.
☼ Plastic is a global issue and travellers can unwittingly play a role in exacerbating the problem by purchasing plastic water bottles in countries where tap water is unsafe to drink. Often these same countries do not have recycling programs and countless plastic bottles end up in waterways or land  ll. Be part of the solution and use a water  ltration system.
☼ Litter on wilderness trails is aesthetically displeasing and causes harm to wildlife and habitats. Don’t walk past it, pick it up. If every traveller collected just '10 pieces' a day, collectively travellers across the globe would make a di erence.
☼ Safeguard fauna and flora by washing your walking boots before departing from your destination. Seeds or bacteria caught in your boots that are carried into a foreign destination can cause irreversible damage to wildlife.

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