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& tradition
Despite the conveniences of our modern world we draw meaning and comfort from tradition, customs and culture. Respect and appreciation for our di erences keep these important aspects of our world alive – dance, music, food, religion, arts and handicrafts all provide moments of joy when we travel.
☼ Celebrate and respect the di erences o ered by a new culture. Researching the local cultures before leaving home, and respecting them when you arrive, will go a long way towards a rich and unforgettable experience for you and your hosts.
☼ Cultural sensitivity is a particularly hot topic in destinations that are feeling the weight of increased tourism numbers and is important for places yet to experience regular tourist visitors.
☼ Making yourself aware of appropriate clothing (what to wear, what not to wear, and when to take those shoes o ), when photography is allowed and when to be quiet, for religious or sacred sights or for just wandering the streets and lanes in towns and villages, will help you to be accepted and welcomed as a visitor.
☼ Learn a few phrases of the language so you can engage with the local people. This also indicates your interest in their culture and has the happy by-product of making your trip a little easier, through better communication.

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