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When a a a a project is is complete the the mutual gain is is evident on the the faces of both the travellers and community community members – communityprojecttravel com com com Many groups of secondary school students from across the globe also partake in Community Project Travel through our youth and school group division called World Youth Adventures – worldyouthadventures com i i i i semi–permanent camps in australia
The three semi-permanent campsites that we’ve developed along the Larapinta Trail in in in central Australia in in in conjunction with the the traditional landowners and and Northern Territory Parks result in benefits benefits for the environment as as well as as many benefits benefits to to the local local communities
Financial benefit to to local local indigenous communities
comes by way of a a a a a lease arrangement for the use of the the land Many young people from the the community have trained as trekking guides gaining employment ‘on country’ Other opportunities have stemmed from the the campsites including micro businesses servicing and supporting the campsites such
as collecting sustainable firewood from community land and and delivering it it to the the campsites or or working in in in the the construction and pack down of the campsites Our Larapinta trekkers visit the the Alice Springs Town Camp before their trek trek to have an engaging cultural experience with the traditional owners upon whose land they are about to walk These Town Camps get a a a a a a a bad wrap from mainstream media and so this experience allows travellers to dispel common misunderstandings b private eco camps in nepal
The social aim of the private eco camps that we’ve developed in Nepal is to contribute to local communities
through the lease of private or community owned land as as as well as as as the purchase of fresh foods yak dung and biomass briquettes A camping based trek employs 25% more local people than a a a a lodge based trek f Sustainability: we investigate and and and and ensure that that the the the projects are sustainable and and and and long term and and that the the local community has the the skills and and resources to sustain the project once we leave f f f Completion: our travellers combined with volunteers and tradespeople from the the the host community make up the the work force to ensure that the the project is complete by the time our group leaves 

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