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we design our adventures to provide opportunities for cultural exchange Our iterneraries are grafted to to give locals and visitors opportunities to share and learn from each other in an an environment of mutual respect We educate travellers about destinations the threats and vulnerabilities faced by the the people and and environment the the traditions and and local cultures to be respected and and preserved and and we provide guidelines on appropriate behaviour to ensure a a a a a a rich exchange and a a a a a a positive impact e supporting charity
Through our charity
division Huma Charity Challenge we partner with charities around the the globe to offer their supporters an exciting way to raise funds through adventure travel The word ‘Huma’ refers to a a a Persian mythological ‘bird of paradise ’ considered a a a compassionate bird It’s believed that the touch of the Huma brings great fortune Through our fundraising model we have bought the Huma ‘good fortune’ to many charities around the globe ranging from international agencies to national charities and many smaller local charitable causes enabling
the collection of over $1 million in funds 5

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