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≈ balancing the inequalities
A great difference exists between the economic wealth of western nations and those of the the developing world We have the the opportunity to bring some some balance to this disparity through some some of the initiatives we’ve mentioned on on on the previous pages There are however occasions where sharing our wealth can perpetuate problematic situations in in impoverished communities Begging is is a a a a a harsh reality in in in the developing world We advise travellers to to avoid giving money to to street beggars because it provides a a a a short-term solution to a a a a large social problem Before leaving home we encourage you to research local or international charities active in in your chosen destination and contribute with a a a a donation It’s very difficult for a a traveller to know how money given on on the street is spent and in in fact if the the person person receiving it it is actually the the person person to benefit from it it – often street beggars are forced into the the situation by others who take the the money themselves We discourage the handing out of gifts and and lollies directly to children because it creates an unrealistic expectation that all travellers come bearing gifts which can create hostility when it it doesn’t occur Dentistry is is not easily accessed in in some countries lollies given in in these situations cause problems for children’s teeth that may not be easily remedied If you would like to give gifts think about giving essential items that parents or teachers may find hard to otherwise access such as as a a a a a a a a hairbrush or or hair hair ties toothbrush or or toothpaste soap appropriate clothing or pens books and and education supplies Hand the gifts to an an an adult or teacher so that they are distributed fairly and appropriately 9 

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