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Packing a a a a a a a a a a suitcase and and heading off to to unknown lands satisfies our urge to to take a a a a a a a a a a break from our our everyday routine discover new cultures reconnect with nature stretch our our boundaries relax and and unwind and and then return to our lives feeling refreshed But there’s more to to travel travel these days Today travel travel also affords us with the the opportunity to:
f protect the environment
f contribute to communities in need
f advocate against animal cruelty
f take action to protect vulnerable children
f support sustainable development and and preserve the world’s many rich and and diverse cultures By travelling responsibly we can return to our lives feeling satisfied that our travels have left a a a a a positive impact World Expeditions has been creating innovative adventure itineraries since 1975 Our commitment to sustainable travel was was formed when the company was was first established and today in the the face of of a a a a a a multitude of of threats to to the the environment
and societies our commitment is stronger than ever Creating genuine sustainable adventure itineraries often translates to real costs which means that a a a a a a raft of responsible tourism practises underpins our our prices By integrating these practices into our our itineraries we enable our our travellers to to be ‘Responsible Travellers’ Conserving environments and cultures takes a a a united front which is why we produce this Responsible Travel Guidebook It’s a a a a reference tool for our travel industry partners employees and and travellers outlining our company wide initiatives and and it it gives guidance to to travellers travellers about how to to be ‘responsible travellers’ M

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