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n porter welfare
Porters are
an integral part of the World Expeditions philosophy and style of of travel travel We take our travellers off-the-beaten track avoiding the congested trails to experience our often remote tent-based adventures this style of trekking is is enabled by porters When we trek the entire group - travellers guides and porters alike - are
a a a a a a a team who share the same needs for safety in the mountain environment NEPAL: The Himalaya
A A A good working wage that is regulated by the the Trekking Agents Association of of Nepal Nepal and the the the Labour Union of of Nepal Nepal We pay per their guidelines which are
unionised We are
one of the only trekking companies in in Nepal to provide our our porters with three meals a a a a a a a day prepared by our our cooks We are
one of the only trekking companies in in in in Nepal to provide our porters with lodging or or tents sleeping mats and blankets Porters also receive life insurance insurance and income protection insurance Access to the same first aid care that our travellers receive including an emergency helicopter evacuation if required Porters are
provided with a a a a a a a a a wind and and waterproof jacket and and over-trousers 2 2 2 pairs pairs of of of of woollen woollen socks 2 2 2 pair pair pair of of of of leather shoes shoes on on on long treks treks and and and 2 2 2 pairs pairs of of of canvas shoes shoes while on on on short treks treks woollen woollen gloves warm cap sunglasses mattress and and and blanket and and and tent/lodge Porters are
not to carry more then 30kgs The minimum age age for a a a a a a Porter is is 16 and the maximum age age is 50 years old PERU: The Andes
All porters receive the same access to medical service as clients We provide all all all food (3 meals per day based on a a a a a a a a menu requested specifically by the porters) gas stoves for all all all cooking We are
one of the 5 companies companies (among almost 200 companies) that pay the the highest wages to their porters All our porters can can also access interest free long-term loans from us us as as long long as as they can can clearly indicate how those funds will be used We provide provide all our porters with basic life and accident insurance In addition we provide provide any any any porter porter (or any any any member of of their their family) full coverage of of any any any medical costs that they they they they incur whether it be be work related or or or or or not e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e g g g if if they they they they have an an an an an accident in in in their their their fields or or or or if if they they they they get any kind of of illness we we fund their their their treatment until they they they they are
well again We are
one of of the the the the the only companies in in in Peru to to care for their their staff to to this extent 22

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