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d d animal welfare (continued)
When deciding on a a a souvenir to to bring home to to remind you you of your latest adventure choose an an an an item that doesn’t endanger the survival of an an an an animal species – what about glass jewelry fabrics paintings pottery or woven baskets?
And remember that at at least 36 different species of animal are used in traditional eastern medicines including the the the the endangered species the the the the tiger the the the the rhinoceros and the the the the sea horse 6 Do not visit animal animal sanctuaries or shelters involving wild animals in in in captivity if their objectives of confinement are are not in in in the animals’ interests and/or are are unlikely to deliver a a a a a a better future and a a a a a a a good quality of of life for example by way of of re-homing rehabilitation or release into the wild Be wary of substandard facilities that masquerade as as sanctuaries Sanctuaries and and shelters with captive wild animals are under obligation to meet the psychological and physiological needs of the the individuals under their care as as fully as as possible and should refrain from obtaining or or breeding new wild animals unless they form part of of an an official internationally recognized reintroduction program If you you see an an an animal in distress here’s what you you can do Make a a a a a note of the date time and location Make a a a a a note of of the type and number of of animals involved Take photos and/or videos as proof Make a a a a a a complaint locally and report what you’ve seen to:
Local tourist offices
Local animal protection organizations
When you return home please contact the nearest World Expeditions office and report the abuse or or mistreatment World World Expeditions would like to acknowledge the guidance provided by World World Animal Protection in in the development of of our our Animal Welfare in in Tourism Code of of Conduct World World Animal Protection Protection formerly known as WSPA (World Society for for the Protection Protection of Animals) works to to end the needless suffering of animals influence decision makers to to put animals animals on the the global agenda help the the world see how important animals animals are to to all of us inspire people to to change animals’ lives for the better and move the world to protect animals worldanimalprotection org 19

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