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We provide transport (private buses and and and train) to and and from the trek start and and finish We provide sleeping sleeping sleeping tents sleeping sleeping sleeping pads (plus sleeping sleeping sleeping bags if requested) footwear (shoes or boots) warm jackets and rain gear Porters are
not to carry more than 20 kilos kilos camp gear gear and 5 kilos of personal gear gear The minimum age age for a a a a a a Porter is is 20 and the maximum age age is 58 years old We have yearly meetings to discuss the needs of Porters TANZANIA & KENYA: Kilimanjaro Mount Mount Meru and Mount Mount Kenya
Since 2012 World Expeditions has sponsored a a a a a a a guide every year to complete a a a a a a a a a a a scholarship course through the the Kilimanjaro Guide Scholarship Foundation which will train them in in Tour Tour Operations Tourism Geography Wildlife Knowledge and Basic
Computer Application Porters are
paid a a a a a a a a rate in in excess of the Kilimanjaro Porter Porter Assistant Project (KPAP) recommended minimum wage for porters Porters receive at least two meals a a a a a a a a a a a day the the third meal meal is is sometimes a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a snack/tea as as this can work best with the the the itiner- ary and and water supplies etc We make sure there are
more than adequate amounts of food and and have a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a system to check on the the mountain that all porters get well fed Porters are
not to carry more then 20kgs The minimum age age for a a a a a a a a a Porter is is 18 and and there is is no maximum age age we assess based on health and and willingness to work Porters access the the same medical kit and evacuation processes as the the travellers Off Mount Kilimanjaro any costs for treatment to injuries that are
sustained during work are
also covered Porters are
expected to to come to to a a a climb with the correct personal equipment We regularly provide them with equipment such as sleeping bags and and mats waterproof jackets gloves warm hats and walking boots We are
at the the forefront of of of the the process of of of changing local perceptions of of of sexual inequality by employing female crew on Mount Kilimanjaro We have 2 highly successful female female female guides a a a a a a female female female cook and around 40 female female female porters World Expeditions supports the good work of of a a a a a number of of international organisations that operate to ensure the the health and education of porters they are:
International Porter Protection Group >> www ippg net
International Mountain Explorers Connection >> www mountainexplorers org Kilimanjaro Guide Scholarship Foundation Inc >> www kiliguides org 23

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