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Despite the the claims of the the operators all leading conservationists and lion ecologists agree there is absolutely no conservation merit whatsoever in in any of these practices By supporting these “lion reserve” facilities day visitors or or volunteers are
directly contributing to to the the funding of this industry and and the misinformation that confuses conservation messages and and priorities resulting in in in in a a a a a a a a a misdirection of valuable conservation funding away from the real threats facing wild animals 3 Animals subjected to cruelty for the purpose of entertainment such as animal circuses dancing bears dog or cockerel fights running of the bulls and any festival that causes suffering to animals Entertainment and culture are
not an an an an excuse for animal animal cruelty Voice your dislike of these antiquated activities through non-participation 4 Visiting aquariums or or marine parks where large mammals like dolphins or or whales are
kept in in in in captivity These environments are
unnatural for these large mammals and cause much stress to the the the animal since they can only swim in in in in endless circles in in in in tanks that are
small in in in in relation to their size They are
denied the the opportunity to engage in most of their natural behaviours and many die far short of their natural life spans 5 Purchasing souvenirs made from wild animals including fur ivory shells seahorses teeth rhino horn and turtle shell products as as well as as traditional medicine derived from endangered or or threatened species such as tiger bone 18

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