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responsible travel in the polar regions
The Association of Arctic Expeditions Cruise Operators (AECO)
is is is an an international organisation for expedition cruise operators Our Arctic operation is a a a member of AECO and complies with environmental guidelines and regulations set by the organisation As members we agree that expeditions cruises and tourism must be carried out with the the utmost consideration for the the fragile natural environment local cultures and cultural remains AECO guidelines are
taken into consideration during the stages of tour planning preparation and operation mitigate carbon produced by air travel When travellers book their flights with us we offer them the the the the opportunity to offset the the the the carbon carbon emissions from their air travel The carbon carbon offsets that we purchase are
sourced by Climate Friendly a a a a a a a a reputable carbon management company that employs rigorous quality assurance processes and support only the best most effective projects that prevent carbon emissions being generated Recent research shows that offsetting just one tonne of carbon dioxide brings an additional AUD$664 in in benefits to to the communities
where carbon reduction projects are
based The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance conducted the research 

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