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responsible travel in the polar regions
The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) was formed in 1991 to promote environmentally responsible travel to Antarctica Antarctica World Expedition’s Antarctica Antarctica operation is a a a a a a founding member of of IAATO IAATO adhering to these parameters of of the the IAATO IAATO guidelines to protect Antarctic wildlife: Taking or harmful interference with with Antarctic wildlife is prohibited except in accordance with with a a a a permit issued by a a a a national authority Do not use aircraft vessels small boats or or other means of transport in ways that disturb wildlife either at at at sea or or on land Do not feed touch or or or or handle birds or or or or seals or or or or approach or or or or photograph them them in ways that cause them them to to to alter their behaviour Special care is needed when animals are breeding or molting Do not damage plants for example by walking driving or or landing on extensive moss beds or or lichen-covered scree slopes Do not use guns or explosives Keep noise to to the minimum to avoid frightening wildlife Do not bring non-native plants or animals into the Antarctic such as live poultry pet dogs and cats or house-plants Our small group voyages have a a a a a a maximum of 132 passengers on board to to ensure minimal impact All travellers are asked to to clean their boots before leaving the ship for for land and and again when returning using a a a a a a biodegradable liquid that we provide All waste generated on on on on our expeditions is is disposed of in a a a responsible manner onboard it it is treated as prescribed by MARPOL and and on on land expeditions recycling is is is encouraged Non-recyclable waste is is is brought back for disposal at approved sites 15 M 

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