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the larapinta semi–permanent camps in in central australia
The Larapinta Trail in in central Australia traverses the the backbone of the the West MacDonnell Ranges which are said to be more than 60 000 years old For the local indigenous community this mountain range is significant in the Dreamtime beliefs We commercially pioneered the the Larapinta Trail in in in 1995 and since then it has grown to become our worldwide best-selling trek trek The success of the trek trek created both challenges and opportunities The increasing visitor numbers put pressure on on on the environment and infrastructure In response World Expeditions partnered with the the Northern Territory Parks and and and the the Traditional Owners and and and representatives of the the Central Land Council to create the new development i In 2013 two semi-permanent camps were completed along the Larapinta Trail and in in 2015 a a a a a a a a a third campsite was constructed at the far western and of the the the trail The campsites reduce the the the impact on the the the land because of these features:
The main campsite facilities (the kitchen lounge and dining areas) are are raised off the the the ground reducing the the the physical footprint of of our trekking groups on the the the earth 1 2 The composting toilets use a a a a a a a special compost compost system that breaks down waste without using water or chemicals 3 During the the the off-season the the the campsites are packed away allowing the the the land to recover 4
Hot showers created with a a a a a traditional hot water “donkey” 14

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